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How to Decide – Wedding Band or DJ ?

by Sharon Quigley As a music lover myself I can say there is absolutely no comparison to a good musician or live band on stage.  The feeling in the room is so much better than a recording. Ireland is blessed with an abundance of talented musicians and wedding bands. (but […]

If a stunning outdoor garden view from an immaculate indoor conservatory is what you are seeking, combined with a glamorous luxury city hotel with modern amenities and old-worlde history and charm, then don’t go past Maryborough Hotel & Spa in Douglas, Cork City. Catering for bespoke weddings of all faiths […]

Choosing / Writing Your Vows

Choosing and/or writing your own vows can be fun, and it’s really quite easy.  It can also be a meaningful exercise for you and enhancing to your wedding ceremony and your marriage. Vows are meant to serve you for your lifetime together. If you are writing your own vows, begin […]

Wedding Coins

In this old tradition, which originally seems to have its influences from both Romanization and possibly Brehon Law, the Groom presents his wife with a solid silver or gold coin as a token of their coming together. The gift is to show his willingness to provide for her, protect her […]

With your sand ceremony bottle, I provide your choice of two sand colors as standard.  Extra colors can be included for €5 per color.  I have an extensive range of sand colors to choose from, in either bold and bright or pastel colors.  Metallic colors of gold, silver or copper […]

Important Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Date

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding date.  Are you on a budget of any kind?  Or would you rather spend your money on other things than to go too extreme with your wedding day spending?  Would you like to ensure that your guests are not burdened […]

This is one for all the wine connoissuers out there .. inside a mini wine box place your love letters to each other along with your favourite drop of red .. who could think of anything more meaningful than your own time capsule to be opened on your 5 year […]

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a popular choice for any ceremony including non-Religious, Spiritual, mixed faith or other ceremonies because like the sand ceremony, it is non-denominational (the words spoken do not need to belong to any specific Religion unless you want them to). The great thing about the Unity […]

A sand ceremony, or Unity sand ceremony, is a very beautiful way to declare your love for each other and further bind your marriage vows. Typically conducted after the vows and ring exchange, a sand ceremony includes a blessing or reading spoken by the Celebrant / Officiant, along with the […]

Oathing Stone Ceremony

The oathing stone ceremony hails from times of old where stones were considered sacred in ancient folklore.   Many stone circles and megalithic sites still exist today, denoting the significance of stones ancient Celtic lore. It is believed by many that stones are able to store energy and even knowledge. North […]