How to Decide – Wedding Band or DJ ?

by Sharon Quigley
As a musician myself (although I don’t play in a wedding band, I play keyboards in my husband’s blues/rock and prog band) I can say there is absolutely no comparison to a good live band on stage.  The energy in the room and the vibe of live music is amazing.
There is nothing like the sound of real instruments, I am also a sound healing therapist in the winter (off wedding) season, playing large gongs, Amazon flute, himalayan bowls etc. and I know how the therapeutic value of the healing frequencies of live instruments has no comparison in the digital world.
Ireland is blessed with an abundance of talented musicians and wedding bands. (but there are a few average wedding bands just chancing it too!  So if you choose a live band, always go see them play live first and you will know for sure and have a good chat to them about songs they can play. Most wedding bands in Ireland really are amazing!)
In winter many of the wedding bands will also play in pubs so you get a chance to see them live. Bands are more expensive naturally because there is more than one person.
The reason people choose a DJ is they are usually so much cheaper and also you can choose any song you like with the original artists playing and there is nothing wrong with that either, if thats what you like.  The best DJ’s have great stage personalities and give the same feeling to the night as having a great radio DJ, and thats also what people like about them, they really give the effect of your own great live radio show!
But many wedding bands also can play an amazing range of songs, also playing requests for the guests.  Many wedding bands will also include a DJ for earlier in the night.
Most of all don’t worry about trying to please your guests, or worry about what anyone else has done at their wedding.  If anyone complains about the music they shouldn’t be at your wedding!
This is YOUR special day, the one day of your lives which really is all about YOU.  Just choose the type of music that YOU really enjoy that makes YOU happy!  Your guests will love your wedding anyway.
If you love DJ’s yourself, then just go for it.  But same applies.  There are brilliant and bad DJs. If possible get to see them on Youtube or live in action, or speak to someone who has seen them live, before booking them.  Whatever you choose, enjoy the music!  🙂