Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting is a rural folkloric and neopagan custom, initially found in Ireland, Scotland and western European countries, in which a couple hold a commitment ceremony by tying the hands with woven or braided chord.

The commitment may be seen as temporary and secular, or of a longer, spiritual variety, depending on the context.

If you are unable to make or purchase your own handfasting chord I can make you a customised 5-part braided chord to your choice of colors.  Pictured is one of the many braided handfasting chords I have personally handmade.

Each of the 5 strands of the braided chord are individually twisted to make the separate chords before being tied and braided together in a 5-part braided chord.  Each end of the chord is then wrapped to form a tassle at each end.  Each custom-made braided chord takes approx. 4 hours to make by hand.

Retail price of the braided handfasting chord as pictured is €69.50 (or €20 materials only price if I am also conducting your ceremony) which includes your very own choice of 5 colors, the symbolic meanings of your chosen colors for reciting in your ceremony, organza bag and postage anywhere within Ireland (if I am not conducting your ceremony).