I have compiled the following list of common questions based on emails I have received over the years.  If you can’t find the answer to your question here please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Q. What days of the week can I be married in Ireland ?

The good news is that me as your Celebrant, you really can have your wedding on any day of the week!

Q. Will my marriage be legally recognized in Ireland ?

Yes!  If you require a legal marriage, at no extra cost to you I will book my preferred Marriage Solemniser to join me for your ceremony.   Your legal marriage vows and legal document signing can be seamlessly and beautifully integrated into your personalised, unique wedding ceremony!

Q. Where can I be married in Ireland ?

In Ireland, legal marriage* ceremonies can be conducted at all venues and locations which have an identifiable address, and which are generally open to the public without hindrance or cost.

With so many amazing wedding locations throughout this beautiful country, you really can have the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

If your chosen wedding venue does not comply with the above requirements, dont’ worry – you can still have your wedding ceremony at your chosen venue.  To ensure that your marriage* is legal, the marriage part of your ceremony (signing the marriage document and answering legal questions) can be conducted at a different location beforehand, to ensure that your marriage is legal!

Many couples residing overseas choose this option, as it can be so much easier to be married in your country of residence.

Q. Are you a Civil Celebrant ?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the term “Civil Celebrant” in Ireland due to terminology used in other countries, especially in Australia.   In Ireland the term “Civil Celebrant” is used by the funeral profession to describe a person who conducts funeral services according to the wishes of the family rather than the requirements of a religion.

The only persons who are authorised to conduct a Civil Marriage* and call themselves a Civil Marriage Celebrant in the Republic of Ireland are the team of Civil Registrars who are employees of the HSE.   A Civil Registrar is authorised to conduct Civil Marriages in the Registry Office and also at off-site locations outside of office hours.

So in Ireland if you see a person advertising themselves as a Civil Celebrant, they won’t be able to conduct legal marriages unless they are employees of the HSE.

No wonder there is so much confusion – I hope I have made that clearer, but if you need a more detailed explanation please don’t hesitate to contact me for a quick chat.

Q. How do I get married in Ireland ?

First you should contact me right away to make sure I am available on your chosen wedding date.

Next is to lodge your NOIM (Notification of Intention to Marry) by making an appointment at the HSE Registrar’s Office.   Your NOIM appointment must be at least 3 months before your proposed wedding date and no more than 12 months before.

You can read a good article here: http://corkcelebrant.ie/2017/04/26/getting-married-in-ireland/

Q. How much is your Professional fee ?

There is no charge for your first no-obligation Consultation or chat with me.  Following your first communication you will receive a quote with my all-inclusive fee.

Q. What is included in your Fee ?

My extensive list of standard inclusions will surprise you.  I go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your ceremony is every bit as special as you deserve it to be!  My list of standard inclusions will be provided by email with your fee quotation, immediately after your free consultation.

Q. Why should I choose you ?

There are many good reasons why you should choose me.  Couples choose me because they want their own unique, personalised, meaningful and memorable ceremony that nobody else has or ever will use for their wedding.  The reason why so many couples choosing a Registry Office Marriage will also book me to create and conduct a personalised ceremony one or more days later, is because they want to have their own unique, personalised, meaningful and memorable wedding ceremony at a location of their choice, on any day of the week, and any time of day they choose.  This is something the Registry Office just cannot offer.

Most importantly is that I will listen intently to your requirements and I will go out of my way to ensure that your ceremony exceeds your expectations.  It’s your special day, and you deserve nothing but the best.

Your ceremony is not restricted to abide by the beliefs or Rites of any particular organisation.  I can also help you to design a ceremony with mixed faith beliefs, traditional, spiritual or non-spiritual, religious or non-religious, humanist or atheist ceremony if that is your hearts desire!

I will listen to your needs and will design and create an conduct a beautiful ceremony exactly to your requirements.

No matter what your beliefs and spiritual faith, even if you are Humanist / Atheist,  I will work with you to create a meaningful, memorable wedding ceremony customised to suit your very own beliefs and wishes.

I am always honoured to be part of such a special day, and I never take that for granted.

With me as your Professional Celebrant, you really can have your perfect ceremony designed and conducted exactly how you want it to be.  What could be better than that?

Q. When can we see you ?

Any time convenient to you.  I can chat with you either in person, by phone or by Skype, at a time that suits you perfectly, day or night.  I understand how life can be busy, so evenings are great for me too!

Q. How Do I Book A FreE Consultation?

You can Contact Me right away by email to make sure that your chosen date is available.  Then we can make an appointment for your free Consultation as soon as possible.  There is so much confusing information out there on the internet about how to get married in Ireland, and I’d like to give you the tips you need to make it easy!

Just send me an email from my Contact Page or you can call or text me on 085 188 8434