Important Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Date

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding date.  Are you on a budget of any kind?  Or would you rather spend your money on other things than to go too extreme with your wedding day spending?  Would you like to ensure that your guests are not burdened with an extra high cost for their travel costs and/or accomodation?

You and your guess will save on costs if you choose a date which is not during peak summer holiday times, or on bank holidays.

However if none of these things are a concern to you, some of the best dates to be married can be at times when the whole country will be celebrating!

Choose a date which is meaningful to you in some way.  If you would like an outdoor nature wedding, of course its best to choose a time of year where you have the best chance of great weather!  Yes – great weather does happen in Ireland!

But whatever happens with the weather on your big day – always see the weather as a sign of GOOD luck!  In some countries it is considered the best of luck to have rain on your wedding day!