How Can I Help You?

I am from Australia and legal marriage requirements differ in each country, I am not yet registered to conduct a legal marriage in Ireland.   If you would like me to conduct a legal wedding ceremony, I can book my preferred marriage solemniser to conduct half of your ceremony including the legal declarations and signing.

Couples choose me to create & conduct their private wedding ceremony because they either don’t want a church wedding, or it just isn’t an option for them, and because I can provide a beautiful, unique, personalised ceremony of their dreams, at any location of their choice, any day of the week at any time of day.   I am also available 7-days a week to chat about wedding ceremony ideas, I can include all of your requirements to suit your very own beliefs and wishes, you have complete control over your ceremony wording.

The majority of my clients will first register their marriage at the Registry Office without guests present and without any ring exchange, vows or any form of ceremony.  They will have their unique and meaningful wedding ceremony with family & friends conducted by me one- three days later – because they can!

This is possible because ring exchange and any other form of ceremony are not a legal requirement at the Registry Office and the ceremony can be conducted on another date with friends and family.  Births and deaths are not registered at the Registry Office on the day they happen, and your wedding doesn’t have to be either!

For some couples, the Registry Office is all they need and that’s great!  Couples choose me when they would like their non-church wedding to be more than a government Registry Office marriage can offer them.

Please call me today on 085 831 3437 and find out just how easy it is to have your very own unique, personalised wedding ceremony anywhere, any day, any time and break free of restrictions!