How to Decide – Wedding Band or DJ ?

by Sharon Quigley
As a music lover myself I can say there is absolutely no comparison to a good musician or live band on stage.  The feeling in the room is so much better than a recording.
Ireland is blessed with an abundance of talented musicians and wedding bands. (but like everything, there are also very average wedding bands just chancing it too!)
If you decide you want nothing else but a live band, you should always go see them play a show first and have a good chat to them about songs they can play.   If they seem to be pushy or arrogant, run a mile from them! 
In the winter off season many of the wedding bands will also play in pubs so you get a chance to see them live.  
The reason most people choose a DJ is because they really want a juke box or a radio-show kind of vibe so they can hear any songs with the original artists playing and there is nothing wrong with that either, if that’s what you like. 
The best DJ’s have great stage personalities and give the same feeling to the night as having your own private radio DJ, they really put on a great show!
But many wedding bands also can play an amazing range of songs, through all different eras and genres, also playing requests for the guests.  Many wedding bands will also include a DJ for earlier in the night.
Most of all don’t worry about what anyone else has done at their wedding. 
This is YOUR special day, choose the music that you feel is the best for you.  As long as you are happy, that’s what matters.  Your guests will love being at your wedding anyway.
Enjoy the music!  🙂
So after reading this are you still trying to decide between a DJ or a band? I would like to offer some more unbaised advice which may (or may not) be helpful:
Please don’t be choosing a DJ instead of a band because someone told you a DJ is always better because they are cheaper and that a DJ is “all you need” because your wedding day is all about you .. some of the best bands cost less than some of the best DJ’s !
As a music and sound healing therapist I can say from my unbiased professional experience that the uplifting healing (and happiness) power of listening to an AMAZING musician or band (must be good!) live in the room is far superior to listening to any digital equivalent ..
.. there are ambient healing sound frequencies from the human voices, instruments, and from the room which are lost in any recording ..
.. the healing frequencies of live musicians and instruments has no equivalent in the digital world.  If you have ever been to see a great live music concert you know exactly what I’m talking about ..
.. if you are going to hire a DJ for your wedding then do it because the DJ is a real character and puts on a great show, and you will still have that human element, don’t do it for the recorded music alone and cheapest price because there will be something vital missing ..
.. if you are going to choose a DJ or a band, please choose them because you’ve done your research, you or a trusted friend or family member has heard them live and you know how good they are, and their show is just what you want for your wedding celebrations, not because they are the cheapest.
Thank-you for taking the time to read.
Every couple is unique in their requirements and my advice may not be relevant in your situtation. Always make up your own mind what is right for you.