How to Write Your Own Wedding or Marriage Vows

A wedding / marriage ceremony is a sacred and respected life moment, and the words you use play an important role in setting your intention for your future lives together.  Writing your own wedding vows is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony, and also adds that extra magic and personal meaning to your special day.

Do Simple Research

The internet is a great resource for fast and simple research.  Many examples of wedding vows can be found online.  Read as many examples of wedding vows as you care to find in books, library, online, there are many resourceful wedding guides available online today.

You will know right away what works for you and what doesn’t, and you will know right away if you’d like to copy vows from others or write your own or a combination of both.

I do provide a library of sample wedding vows to my clients, who may not have time to do their own research, as some couples prefer to copy vows already used by others, some can even be humourous!  But I also encourage you to write your own, personalised vows based on your own beliefs and wishes.

Decide What is Important to You Both

Decide what things are important to your relationship as individuals, and what is important for your marriage to endure the test of time. Decide which promises are important for you both to make to each other, to ensure the happiness and success of your marriage and lives together.

Keep it Simple

It’s only natural to expect you could be nervous on the day, in front of an audience and photographer.  Keep each vow to one sentence and write your vows in list form, with one vow on each line.  It will be much easier for you to read that way, without getting tongue-tied in the moment!

Make Meaningful Promises to Each Other

Your marriage vows are promises you make to each other, in the presence of friends and family, which you declare to keep for ever.   Make promises which are meaningful to your beliefs and wishes, and your hopes for the future lives together.  Most important to remember this is your special day, and it’s all about your life commitment to each other but also about being yourself!

By all means, add some humour to your vows if it’s in your personality! Just be yourself, it’s the best way! Your partner and your guests will love it!

Speak Calmly, and Slowly

When it comes to your big day, and it’s time to read out your vows – don’t rush, take your time.  Shoulders back and relaxed to ensure correct posture.  Take a deep breath before you begin, relax and smile!  Remember that your breathe is the key to calming the mind.  If you wish to read your vows from a piece of paper, ask your Wedding Officiant to have your vows on a separate piece of paper and ready for you so you don’t have to fumble for them at this moment.

Of course you are the centre of attention at this beautiful moment, this is your world right now.  Do not worry who else might be looking at you – you are in the presence of family and friends, many who are looking forward to this special moment just as much as you are.

Most importantly, as you are reciting your vows, remember to look at your beloved in the eyes as you read each vow to him/her, and smile!  Looking each other in the eyes as you are reading your vows will help enforce the special meaning of your vows and the love you have for each other.

Reciting your marriage vows is a very special moment in your life.   Be in the present moment and take everything in, breathe the fresh air, and smile!  Remember the precious moments, because this day will pass in an instant if you let it.  You are creating memories to last a lifetime!

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