Legal Info

1. Book Your NOIM Appointment

First step for a legal marriage in Ireland (and many other countries) once you have chosen your Marriage Solemniser (Ceremony Officiant) is to book your NOIM appointment at your chosen HSE office to lodge your “Notification of Intention to Marry” form.  In Ireland it will cost you €200 to lodge your NOIM.

Note: Irish marriage law states that you must lodge your NOIM at least 3 months ahead of your marriage registration date and not more than 12 months ahead. 

If you book me as your Ceremony Officiant I will guide you through the process of lodging your NOIM by giving you some important tips to help make the process run smoothly, so it is important that you speak to me first, it can be a minefield of confusing information out there!

Important Note: Your NOIM can be lodged at any office of the HSE and does not need to be the closest to where you live, or closest to your chosen Registry Office or wedding venue. So if the waitlist is very long at your chosen HSE office, or it is difficult to find an appointment time which fits your busy schedule, you can lodge your NOIM another HSE office anywhere in the country which isn’t quite so busy.  Contact details for all HSE offices are listed on the HSE website here:

2. Your unique Private Wedding Ceremony on any day of the week, anywhere, at any time!

Your unique legal marriage ceremony created to your requirements, conducted anywhere, any day, at any time !

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require more information. My role is to make your ceremony as simple as possible for you all the way!

Sharon Quigley RSM OESF