Oathing Stone Ceremony

The oathing stone ceremony hails from times of old where stones were considered sacred in ancient folklore.   Many stone circles and megalithic sites still exist today, denoting the significance of stones ancient Celtic lore.

It is believed by many that stones are able to store energy and even knowledge. North American Indians consider stones and crystals to be alive and having a spirit all of their own, referring to them as “mineral beings”.

The “Oathing Stone” ceremony is a lovely symbolic thing to do during the wedding ceremony, where a stone is passed around to the wedding guests who each hold the stone in turn and infuse their blessing for the happy couple and their future life together.

The stone is passed back to the Officiant and placed onto the altar table for the remainder of the ceremony, and the couple have a lovely keepsake of their wedding day.

Oathing stones are one of my specialities, I can help you to create a beautiful stone for your ceremony which you will cherish for years to come. Your stone can be carved with a special symbol, or your Initials, or names or other special word for example a symbol in Ogham tree language.