Sand Ceremony Bottles

With your sand ceremony bottle, I provide your choice of two sand colors as standard.  Extra colors can be included for €5 per color.  I have an extensive range of sand colors to choose from, in either bold and bright or pastel colors.  Metallic colors of gold, silver or copper are also available.  So be creative as you like with your color choices!

To pour your sand, I will make a new simple white cardboard funnel on the day, which blends in well with the surrounding decor and looks great in your photos.  I will also bring a set of brand new tall slim plain glasses for you to keep which look great.

If you prefer a bit more glamour, miniature versions of your main sand bottle can be ordered for a small extra fee, as shown in the photo.  These smaller bottles can also be filled with extra sand, to make smaller versions of your bottle for your children or for special family members as a gift.

Bottle engraving as shown in the photo is an optional extra, if you would like your bottle engraved let me know the text and I can obtain a quote for you.  Not all engravers can engrave onto glass so the bottle may need to be sent away, but I can arrange this for you if you wish.

I have the following bottles available, with new shapes being available from time to time.  Each bottle is 500ml in size and looks stunning when filled with your choice of sand colors.

If you are ordering sand from elsewhere, you will need to order 1lb or 500g of each color and you will have enough.  Some sand suppliers online sell sand in 100g sample packs and two packs of that size will just be enough.